Logistics services

We are well aware that efficient logistics management is a key element of successful agribusiness, and we work to turn transportation tasks of any complexity into a simple set of steps. Our clients are provided with customized solutions and the most optimized routes, and we assume of all the risks and obligations arising in the process.

About us

The Corio company is your reliable partner in the logistics sphere.

We provide a full range of services for organizing domestic and international cargo transportation by road, rail and sea. Thanks to the available resources, we are able to accept and fulfill various types of requests, selecting the matching vehicle based on the dimensions of the cargo. We ensure the timely arrival of the required number of vehicles for loading within a limited time frame to any destination. We carry out loading and unloading operations.  We take care of the relevant paper work, providing full documentary support for transportation. We develop optimal routes, taking into account timing and obtaining the necessary permits, and work to optimize risks.

Transportation by road

Transportation by rail

Transportation by sea

How we work

Our manager contacts you

We contact you at your convenience to discuss and specify your transport request.

The task adjustment

When discussing the task, we will calculate possible options for traffic coordination.

Getting the best solution

As a result, a traffic unified algorithm will be formed, which takes into account all the interaction options.

Route optimization

We will check the timing and make route adjustments in case of non-compliance with the delivery terms.

Arrival of vehicle for loading

We will ensure the timely arrival of the required number of vehicle units for loading, considering the dimensions of the cargo.

A consignee gets the cargo!

You will get the intended result - the arrival of your cargo at a specified spot in the world on time at a reasonable price.
Benefits of cooperation

Efficient logistics management is a key element of successful agribusiness

Guarantees of compliance with the terms of delivery

Compliance with loading work standards

Trust and reliability, we have been working since 2008

Price fixing, no risks for business

Specialized warehouse and transport logistics

Freight forwarding services

years in trading
trusted suppliers
satisfied customers

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